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News: Rewired conference in Thomson Reuters, Canary Warf - 27th May 2011

A new found love of old British seaside towns wasn’t the only good thing to come out of the IATEFL conference in Brighton. Despite still being little more than conjecture, it is believed that it was at this conference that the staff at found out about Audio Notetaker. Not that it matters where the invitation comes from, as come it did indeed do. It was only a few weeks ago that Stefanie got in touch with us wondering whether we may be interested in sponsoring their 1 day conference for journalists. Thinking that we could perhaps kill two birds with one stone, we decided to commit to exhibiting at their event in London.

Of course, until now all of our marketing has been very much tailored to a particular market sector, but now we needed something more general, something likely to inspire any journalist regardless of their particular fancies. Seeing as we had a matter of weeks to get several bits of promotional material designed and made, I enlisted the help of a new designer, a Mr. Josh White of break and assemble. More on his handiwork later I think, although you can see the banners he designed in the pictures above.

The event itself was great fun. The team give good banter, as do the PageSuite guys who were exhibiting also. The stands were located in the area where all the food and drinks were being distributed, so at times it was possible to walk up to food-in-mouth journalists to tell them about Audio Notetaker, gesticulating wildly at the projector screen which was often still in viewing distance (although not always, which led to embarrassment). As with all of these things, attendees were there first and formost to attend the sessions, secondly to catch up with old friends and thirdly to make new ones. Checking out exhibitors stands was never something they planned to do. We did have some good conversations though and I’m really hoping good will come out of the leaflets we included in the delegate packs too. 

The last bit of excitement came at the end of the day when I decided, quite spontaneously and randomly, to go to Ashford with the Page Suite guys and stay at Chris’s house there. It was the first time I had met Chris, but hopefully not the last. The last bit of boredom came the next day when there were issues with the train network and it took me 6 hours to get back to Leeds.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have gone to Ashford after all.


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